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Make ’em Sweat

We can’t help but smile and nod when walking into a rink before a practice and many a “well meaning” parent says “Make ‘em sweat today”! Yes, we are all hoping for the successful end result – being a powerful and efficient skater dominating the game!

Fundamentals and components of skating continue to “evolve” over the span of every player’s career. Technique training by first learning “correctness in slow motion” is of paramount importance and the FIRST CRUCIAL step. Simply by telling players to get out and move their feet fast only inhibits their maximum potential, as they normally end up working hard, not efficiently.

By learning the proper skating process first, expedites progress and saves a player from having to “undo” old habits. There are NO shortcuts to skating development.

It is imperative that players take power skating seriously at ALL levels and are committed to being “coachable”. By becoming a better skater, players develop using less energy and are able to concentrate on other aspects of the game thus having MORE fun because they are ACTUALLY a “part of the play”!

The goal we strive to attain on each and every practice is to “teach” players a specific aspect that will improve their skating and doing so, assist them to be better players! SO… the best way to go fast is to FIRST slow down! ☺

For us, each season brings about true testaments to the popularity of participating in EXTRA power skating. Players from all levels – NHL, WHL, University, etc. recognize the importance of continuous improvement in their skating technique. Following a busy training regime each summer, the lead up to training camp and/or try outs with superior skills not only gives a player confidence, but that “extra edge” needed in today’s game!

We work with individuals privately, small pods or small groups all twelve months a year sharing our passion and keeping players current. We are blessed for their trust and continued confidence in OUR WORK!


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