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Cross Overs & Push Unders

Crossovers are one of the most widely used skills in EVERY game. Used primarily for acceleration, both circular and linear, EVERY motion MUST count!

We like to think of the definition of a crossover as “two equal pushes outward” when skating on curves. Traditionally skaters will master part one – the thrust with the outside foot, pushing from an inside edge. The idea is to create as much space between your big toes as possible, by bending your knees. As with ANY skill, body position/posture is of utmost importance.

Part two – thrusting “equally” and “outward” with the undercutting skate from an outside edge without “rolling backwards” (pushing north and south) is where the challenge generally lies! This motion should attempt to equal the distance by thrust one, but now creating the gap between the baby toes. This is what we like to call the push under.

This issue is prevalent on both forward and backward crossovers. When skaters are weak with their technique on one side of the body, it produces a “limp” and is obviously detrimental.

Understanding edge utilization, distance and direction becomes vital in the mastery of this skill!

Let’s work together to eradicate “ROLL BACKS”


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