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Inside or Outside Edge? That is the question ...

Understanding your skates and how they work is of utmost importance for proper “edge utilization” in both hockey and ringette. The BEST players KNOW how to use their equipment to the fullest! One of the most under-rated skills is “Mastery of the Outside Edge”.

We are not only surprised, but extremely amazed at how many players do not stand properly aligned in their skates both on and off the ice. This becomes a difficult issue and hinders their training.

Many players tend to pronate, thus making the inside edge feel more comfortable. Developing both edges equally is a MUST! Players will find themselves severely disadvantaged if this is not refined at an early age.

We believe that we would be doing a great disservice to our clients if we did not include at least one “edge awareness” exercise at the beginning of each power skating session. This component is imperative for players of ANY caliber!

Edges are used on curves of any radius – right and left, forward and backward, inside and outside. We use edges to push, to stop and to glide on. The ability to utilize them correctly greatly affects the quality and performance of EVERY skill. WHY NOT UNDERSTAND THEM?


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