It is our goal to work with players of all ages and abilities on the key components of power skating to become a superior skater! In doing so, the positive result is that all other aspects of their chosen game will dramatically improve. Our hands-on approach in a variety of customized programs will zero in on each individual for skill correction techniques that are tailored to their specific level. Our high quality programs focus on mastering edges and learning correct technique through game scenarios and the use of pucks/rings to help athletes reach the next level in their careers!




synthetic ice


DAWSON SEITZ First Round Pick of the Edmonton Oil Kings 2020

I started power skating with Platinum Star when I was 8 years old, and Gay and her team helped develop my love of skating. Their leading edge techniques made my skating efficient and explosive while making the lessons fun and motivating. Gay and Melanie helped me get through growth spurts and injuries over the years and used their expertise to keep my skating progressing. They have been my biggest supporters and have given me opportunities to give back by volunteer coaching and mentoring. I have learned so much from the Platinum Star team, not only about skating, but about the importance of loving what you do.