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Stride Recovery

What every player needs to know...

First of all, what is it? Stride recovery is the width between your feet when transferring your weight from the gliding foot to the pushing foot in skating.

A narrow measurement indicates that the blade about to push out from under your body has a greater chance of pushing into the ice longer to produce more energy to propel the body in the intended direction of travel. (Range of motion) Players usually “lift their feet too quickly too often”.

Practicing a narrow recovery in slow motion, instills correctness for when the foot speed is increased. A quick, low, narrow return is the goal on every push! We like to “touch base” with this aspect often as a just as a gentle reminder of its importance. Especially during growth spurts, coordination is affected and stride recovery is a component that can suffer as a result. “Stride tune ups” are something that should be done on a regular basis at any level, in particular following an injury and also when breaking in new equipment. Players THINK they are doing one thing technically correct, when in reality, it is not so.

Gliding is a process of “deceleration”, therefore, ideally we strive for quickness AND correctness for efficiency!

Players must practice this technique to engrain the habit. Foot speed can be added in increments over a period of time. In the “heat of the moment”, a player resorts to what is natural. SO, working on this aspect of stride will ensure the ability to “own the skill” in any game situation!



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